Cole Commercial

The Cole Commercial Building Space Planning project, located in Laguna Beach, California, began with the measuring and documentation of the existing 7,212 square foot, single-suite, office space. This as-built floor plan was later utilized by the owner and commercial realtor as part of a marketing package to secure a tenant and lease. After Benjamin John Stevens completed the as-built documentation, he met with several prospective tenants, at the request of the property owner, to learn about their programmatic needs, daily operations, and facility goals. This information was then utilized to diagrammatically study potential floor plan configurations that would accommodate multiple tenant suites without compromise to any of their spatial needs.

Once the property owner and prospective tenants agreed upon which of the floor plan diagrams they believed to be most beneficial to all parties and the most optimal use of available square footage, a computer-drafted preliminary floor plan was created to more accurately define wall and partition locations, spatial dimensions, and door and window placements.