Heichemer Residence

The Heichemer Residence Remodel was the exterior remodel of an existing 2,498 square foot single-family residence in Arch Beach Heights of Laguna Beach, California. The project originated from the owner’s need to find solutions to multiple moisture leaks through the building envelope that plagued the dated construction. They understood that to correctly address the existing waterproofing issues they were facing, it would require more than just a temporary surface patch solution. This would require opening up the building envelope to incorporate flashing and other waterproofing elements as an entire system designed to resist water intrusion and properly direct inevitable moisture penetration back out to the exterior without affect to the building or occupants.

The owners took advantage of this time when the home’s exterior envelope would be open for repairs to finally implement an aesthetic remodel of the exterior that they had been considering for quite some time. One of the interesting challenges with the Heichemer Residence Remodel was the owner’s request to completely transform the design appearance to a more modern composition, but to do so without altering the existing building envelop outline. Thus, not having the ability to increase or decrease each floor’s footprint, the revisions were to derive solely from finish materials and the re-working of existing exterior elements.

The most prominent aspect of this challenge was the existing 3-story tall, single plane south exterior wall elevation. As shown in the existing photos, this exterior wall was a large monotone canvas of cement plaster. Some of the key aspects of the design solution for this façade, as developed with the home owners, were:

▪ Utilize more than one finish material to reduce monotony.
▪ Utilize more than one color to avoid monotone appearance.

▪ Utilize lap siding to create more visual texture through shadow lines and to emphasize horizontality.
▪ Revise front porch support wall/posts to feel more open and provide a more prominent elevation relief.
▪ Create new, and update existing, horizontal building elements such as the roof eaves and low roof brow above the front porch.
▪ Incorporated other miscellaneous site elements such as fencing, gates, planters, and landings that complement the horizontality of the residence as well as soften the transition between vertical building edge and horizontal ground plane.

Additional Project Information:
▪ 3 Story
▪ 2,066 Square Feet of Livable Space
▪ 432 Square Feet of Garage
▪ 3 Bedrooms
▪ 1 Office
▪ 2.5 Bathrooms
▪ 2-Car Garage